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The most direct way to download an episode of a podcast is to simply download it from the source. Most podcasts allow users to download or stream episodes directly from a site, so if you want to listen to podcasts on a computer, this is one way to go about it. If you have an Android phone, this is a quick and easy way to get a specific episode on your device. At this point, a box will open prompting you to choose an appropriate save location on your computers, such as your desktop or Downloads folder. The episode is saved on your computer, and you can open it with any media player that can handle the file type.

To upload an episode to an Android device, simply connect it to the computer, which will allow you to browse the various files and folders on your phone. Copy or cut the file from your computer, and paste it to the Podcasts folder. Now, the episode should be on your phone. You can listen to it with any audio app that plays the file type, such as Google Podcasts.

If you only listen to the occasional podcast episode or want to archive a podcast on your computer, manually downloading individual episodes may work. However, that can be an incredibly time-consuming process, and it will likely be too much of a hassle for podcast addicts.

At some point, downloading individual podcasts seems as ludicrous as downloading an album one song at a time. For regular podcasts listeners, a podcast app is far more efficient, saving time as well as sanity. You can read through our guide on how to make a successful podcast to find out how to make your own. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

The BEST Podcast Apps for Android!

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The Best Podcast Apps for Android | Digital Trends

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The 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iPhone

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10 best podcast apps for Android

There are several features here that other podcast apps lack, such as a Voice Boost for ensuring that speech volume is consistent and 3D Touch support for viewing episode details without being redirected to a new page. Podbean feels more an app store than it does a media player. Otherwise, Podbean has all of the basic features and playback controls to make it one of the best podcast apps, including options that let you adjust how many seconds to skip ahead when fast-forwarding and a setting for automatically downloading new episodes of podcasts you follow.

Pocket Casts is another user-friendly podcast app that makes it easy to find new podcasts based on shows that are popular and trending. Since the Discover page displays categories in a list format rather than as a carousel with thumbnail images, the app feels a bit neater than some alternatives. Contact us at editors time. Podcasts apps can help elevate your listening experience.

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