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Hide me from other attendees. Show me. Up Down. Anthony Van Breda, Geert Baudewijns. Tijdens dit Nederlandstalig webinar leggen Intel Security en partner Secutec uit hoe het Security Connected model u helpt om, door middel van een effectief communicerende omgeving, kosten te besparen op uw IT-budget en daarbovenop een optimale beveiliging te verzekeren.

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  6. McAfee Application Control for Desktop Trial Installation & Walkthrough.

Watch now. McAfee is unique among secure web gateway solution providers with its hybrid delivery model, which provides customers with the flexibility to deploy a web gateway in one of three ways: This unique capability enables you to match your Web Gateway configuration with your unique business needs and adapt to changing business circumstances. Jason Brown, Solution Engineer.

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The consequence for customers is that Microsoft will not only discontinue technical support but also security patches. Join us for this webcast to learn how can McAfee help you protect your investment into Microsoft Server beyond end of support in July Enterprises are challenged by the demand for business growth, which in turn calls for new applications, IT systems and services. As the business environment is getting more complex it poses a risk for security. Is your network security solution capable of securing your business today and in the future? Have you considered how big role the firewall solution plays in your business and IT staff productivity, risk mitigation and infrastructure costs.

Join Ulla Huopaniemi, Product Marketing Manager at Intel Security, and learn how a proper firewall solution may boost your business, lower recurring costs making a good justification for your firewall upgrade. Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager.

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For more than 25 years, McAfee has provided small and medium-sized businesses with the best protection to secure desktops, laptops, servers, email, and web traffic. Protecting devices, data and networks from modern threats does not have to be complex and costly. Trust McAfee to help you deliver simple, powerful endpoint protection exclusively for your small to medium-size business. Register now to learn more about this topic. As organizations consider moving email infrastructure to Office , is there a need to complement built-in security with additional solutions?

Join this session to learn how advanced threats are being delivered, and how McAfee uniquely extends critical protection to organizations using Office for email. Everyone knows computer downtime is unacceptable. The world runs on data and it needs it fast.

But securing that growing data network is time-consuming, expensive and often inefficient. Security professionals are looking for answers that can provide high availability and scale as the business changes. And they want solutions that are both highly secure and not a drain on computing and bandwidth resources. Join Steve Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at McAfee for an in-depth discussion of how the next generation of firewall technology delivers scale and zero downtime performance.

And learn how active-active clustering, dynamic server load balancing, management application redundancy and unique, augmented VPN capability is bringing resiliency to mission critical data networks. Threats have gone stealthy hiding behind normal enterprise activity and under mountains of log data.

Learn from industry experts insights on proven approaches to get real time visibility on enterprise risks and minimize the impact of a security breach. Webinar topics: Michael Leland, Enterprise Solutions Architect. Anthony Van Breda, Nico van Buitenen, en meer.

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Tijdens dit Nederlandstalig webinar leggen Intel Security en partner Infradata uit hoe het Security Connected model u helpt om, door middel van een effectief communicerende omgeving, kosten te besparen op uw IT-budget en daarbovenop een optimale beveiliging te verzekeren. Steve Grossenbacher, Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

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  3. McAfee Application Control 8.x.x Best Practices Guide.
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With malware and crafty intrusion behaviors on the rise, we must change our thinking and realize that traditional approaches to security are falling short. Join this webinar to: Vast amounts of your organization's sensitive data are accessible, stored, and used by authorized employees and partners on a host of devices and servers.

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  3. McAfee Application Control / Change Control Administration.

Protecting that data where ever it is stored or travels is a top priority. Klaus Majewski, Director of Technology.

Application whitelisting review: McAfee Application Control

Easy answer is the number of Firewalls required to protect your perimeter. The right answer is the number of firewalls required for all entry points — perimeter and internal. Internal threats are often more dangerous than external. Administrators connect via a secure browser session, where they can manage Application Control and any other McAfee security solutions they have deployed. Protected PCs are considered "Solidified," a term that harkens back to the product's Solidcore days.

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The client interface is minimal, consisting of command-line instructions and parameters. Clicking an icon on the client desktop, called the McAfee Solidifier Command Line screen image , gives access to all the Solidifier console commands, which allows a user to control everything an administrator could from within the ePO management console. Of course, ePO configurations can prevent local commands from working.