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Thanks for the review! We just added a new earning mode that allows you to earn without setting a goal again. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

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I was loving this app and would have given it a star rating if you would have asked me about it a few days ago. However, all of the sudden the app is no longer rewarding me points for the longer periods of time that I am off my phone. For example, yesterday I was off my phone for about 5 hours in total: During all of those times when I locked me phone I had the notification that I was earning points. When I unlocked my phone, it was to my surprise that I actually had earned no points, though I had been off of my phone.

I even tried setting a goal later in the evening and I got the notification on my screen that I finished my goal, but when I unlocked my phone there were no points. Very frustrated at this app.

Pocket Change launches as universal mobile rewards currency, serves over 10m users across 300+ apps

Great in concept, and it was great for a while, but very lacking in delivery. Thanks for the review and the feedback! We have just fixed this issue and the next release will include the fix. Please keep an eye out for an update! The new update cheats you out of potential points with the fifty minute goal. I feel like the update was to appeal to businesses and in the end, capitalism, but the whole point is to help the student be less distracted so screw the update. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description Are you in college, broke, and addicted to your phone? Teacher rewards - Get your teacher involved in Pocket Points to reward you with extra credit while staying off your phone in class!

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Bug fixes. Bug Fixes. We brought back the old way to earn points and it's even better than ever.

Just open the app, lock your phone, and start getting points - Gift page profiles have been updated to a new look - Bug Fixes. Just open the app, lock your phone, and start getting points - Gift page profiles have been updated to a new look. Lots of new features: Feb 16, Version 5. Information Seller Pocket Points, Inc.

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Size Making phone calls can now get you flowers. As mobile phones become the place to check e-mail, play games, and upload photos, new companies are trying to the ward uses Ari Mir is the co-founder and CEO of Pocket Change, a company devoted to bringing a universal rewards system to mobile applications Both founders had known one another before Ari Mir is no stranger to entrepreneurial endeavors.

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At 19, he decided to start a print magazine while still in college In a bid to make its virtual currency platform more useful for Android game developers, Pocket Change has opened up its platform, allowing devs You can't miss the buzz this honeybee-colored office radiates. The striking and dominant yellow was a branding move by Pocket Change As Thanksgiving approaches I find myself reflecting on the year, evaluating decisions both good and bad, and most importantly taking a moment