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Windows 8 js app tutorial

If this seems a little complex to you now, have no fear. I will guide you through every step. Open up the index. Create a new file called functions. Following the example of require. Open up the functions. Open your bash or Terminal window. Tune up the volume of your speakers and press the A button on your keyboard. The JS code is pretty simple and straightforward.

Running the App

We use the onkeydown event on the document object to find out which HTML element is being accessed. Within the anonymous function, we use a switch statement. Its purpose is to identify the Unicode value of the pressed keyboard key.

Writing Your First Electron App | Electron

If the Unicode value of the pressed keyboard key is correct, the sound is played. Look for the message in the console. You may have noticed that we have sound files to cover A-Z and 0—9 keys. Head over to index. Yeah, of course you can copy-paste:. You can find the char codes key codes on this website. The main functionality of the app is finished, but there is still work to be done! Even though the app is functional it still lacks some things here and there.

For example, within the index.

How to build a JavaScript Desktop App That Saves Windows Spotlight Images; An Electron Story

Moreover, the app has no design, no beautiful colors, and no pictures of either cats or dogs. We have lots of identical code which can be optimized and improved. Good software must be thoroughly tested.

Developing Windows 8 Apps with HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript

The best scenario is you will hear the audio for every keyboard key you have specified in the code. But what will happen when you press many keys in a row as fast as you can? What about keys that are not even supposed to be pressed like the Home and NumLock buttons? What if you minimize the app and try to press a key?

Do you hear a sound? This behavior is because of the architecture upon which Electron was built. This is outside of the realm of normal use-cases for an electron application. Run through the code line by line and try to break it. See what is happening and what kind of errors Electron is throwing. This exercise will help you become better at debugging. If you know the flaws of your app you then know how to fix them and make the app better.

In the functions. Can you spot it? Once you find it I would like you to think about how you can replace it without changing the app functionality. Using deprecated code is bad practice and can lead to serious bugs you might not even know exist. Here is what you should read next:. We found experimenting with Electron and NW. Building hybrid iOS or Android apps is very similar to what we did in this tutorial, it just uses different tools and frameworks.

Unlike desktop apps where there are only NW. Cordova, NativeScript, React Native and others. You can check out this comparison of the various frameworks for building hybrid mobile apps. You help me to complete my very first desktop app using Electron and I am so excited! Thank you for this tutorial.

Just one note: It is not big deal, of course, I just mention this: Richard http: Here he is adding properties to some pre defined tag elements withint the code. So basically, he creates and li component,. Then uses jQuery to update the components attributes via the code you posted.

Step 1: Create a new project in Visual Studio.

VERY poor way to do it, but it's just an example, so dont do this in production. I had a query on this. Can I use the same code which I used for my desktop application to build a web application?

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How much of the code can be reused? Please advise. In theory, you can not use code but you can use some of the logic to build your app by using this web technologies. I was considering using Electron for a simple, lightweight app, but the size of an empty project is mb. Is this what I should expect? Here's the minimal electron react boilerplate code https: I've been looking for something like this for a while, but I haven't tried NW. So thank you for posting this. And as a bonus it now runs on multiple platforms. This is so great. To use webkit api's to the full extension and the rest we must have http: Even for the local files.

Getting Started With Electron Apps built with Electron are just web sites which are opened in an embedded Chromium web browser. Directory Structure We will take a closer look at the more interesting files and how it all works in a minute, but first, let's take the app for a spin. Running the App Since an Electron app is just a fancy Node.

Once you've got that covered, open a new cmd or terminal in the directory with the extracted files and run this command: Everything should be good to go now, in the same terminal as before enter the following: Notice it has a top menu bar and everything! Electron App In Action You've probably noticed that starting the app isn't too user friendly. How it's made Here, we will talk about the most essential files in any electron app.

We will need it for later. Let's fetch Tutorialzine's rss feed: JavaScript libraries - jQuery and jQuery Flipster to make the carousel. And with this our app is ready! Packaging and Distribution There is one other important thing to do to make your app ready for end users. Developer mode is a special setting that enables certain features, such as permission to run apps directly, rather than only from the Store.

For more information, please read Enable your device for development. To continue with this guide, select Developer mode , click Yes , and close the dialog. The default settings are fine for this tutorial, so select OK to create the project. When your new project opens, its files are displayed in the Solution Explorer pane on the right. You may need to choose the Solution Explorer tab instead of the Properties tab to see your files.

Although the Blank App Universal Window is a minimal template, it still contains a lot of files.

Node.js and NPM on Windows

Every project that you create in Visual Studio contains them. To view and edit a file in your project, double-click the file in the Solution Explorer. Click on index. This HTML references the main. The button is given an ID so the JavaScript will be able to reference it. This JavaScript declares two functions. The window.