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Or is there a different car i shou ld use to beat level 9? Hi Tak, I shared a tune on the Upgrades page which should allow you to just edge past the computer. You have to like our page to see the content Cheers. Hi WildWilly!! Hope that tune does the trick for you! Goto our Facebook page to access the info. Specifically, tap 4th once, 5th twice, and 6th gear four times… keep adjusting as necessary Cheers. Dude can u give me a tune for 6. You said dastest is 6. I said the fastest tune I have from my research is 8.

Hope it helps! My best is 6. You mean your best is 8. Its really confusing when you just jam out numbers which are incorrect! I think you should play Drag Racing Bike Edition. Hi Joe, The 9. Hi Luis, Just realised that this was a reply to another message. Your time sounds about 0. How does it fare in the pro races? Hope that does the trick for you! Or you can click on the hyperlinks. Some of the other readers have said that you must be on a computer to view the info.

What is a good gear ratio for a level 8 zonda? I can get Hi Matt, Check out our Facebook page which has a tune there. It should be able to get you something around For a more rounded car which is generally good at all the distances and is usable for beating the career boss then you opt for the SSC Aero. Anyways, overally the SSC Aero is a good choice! Otherwise if you search around on this page and our Upgrades page you might find some tunes somewhere.

Tell me if the tune on our facebook works for you. Also, its rather odd to ask for tips with such a specific setup. Have the tips in my post helped at all? Wild Willy u sound like a pretty knowledgable fellow when it comes to the game so. Please throw some hints on tuning the skyline maxedout Maybe even e mail me bdewitt Gmail.

But all the info is collated on our Facebook page so the info is easier to access and see. The post at the top goes through tuning instructions so you should try that first. Unfortunately, I should really stress that upgrades are the most important thing. Hi Willy and every body, I got a fully upgraded Hennessey Venom GT level 10, try some turning tips but my max time is Please tell me more detail about turning and shift.

When you shift gear and how you launch, use nitro? So please tell me at this page.

Creative Mobile Drag Racing, guide, tips and tunes

So… I write an Upgrades post , and a Tuning Post …. But if you read the post you would learn about a second gear launch. I opt for second gear launches where possible because its more stable. To do a second gear launch: That way your car will launch in second gear. The best time to nitro is at the first time of your non launch gear change.

If you can see that, then do your 3rd gear change around rpm, and your 4th to 6th gear changes at around rpm. May be my english is not good. I read your reply many times,finally I khow how to launch in second gear. My time now is Thank you very much. Hey im stuck on the level 2 skyline and ive tried almost everything i have a porsche and a skyline myself but i cant beat Regardless of the distance of the race the Honda s should do very well.

Hi vipul, Try completing the Career level 1 as well as winning some of the level 1 pro league. Then you should see that the level 2 becomes unlocked. I do have details for the other top cars. Just read our Upgrade post first, and then read our Tuning post. You may find it easier if you looked at one of the existing setups if you get stuck.

Ok I need a good car to bet level. I will sell me car. But what do I need? Hi Massoni, Which race distance are you aiming for? Only sell off your old cars once your level 3 car is raceworthy. Hi snake, Have you tried following the tuning instructions I have above? That car would also allow you to compete in the pro races. I am fairly new to this game and I was wondering what kit set-up would be best for a Porsche Carrera GT and the tuning as well for it. Any help would be appreciated.

I know they can be difficult to follow, but I can describe in more detail here if you want. You can use the tunes we have littered over our comments or on our Facebook page in order to get a feel for a tuned car. The tune is on our Facebook page. Is that enough courage for you? Can I get help with the mile long race in career level 4 against the nsx,, like what car and tune. Thank you. Running a koenigsegg agera level 9. Running 8. Do you have tune to get in the 7s? I do have a level 8 tune which is faster than your level 9 tune though. So if you go there you could try using those gear ratios and see if you can tweak them in your favour.

Hi gerang, Please look at our Facebook Page. Excuse me I want to ask. Hi Skieszero, actually I think the Audi R8 has been removed from the latest version of the game. It was infringing on copyright issues so it was removed. If you really want it then I guess you somehow need to get an old version apk file of the game, but then you run the risk of losing all your cars, money and respect points. Hey skiezero, try this tune for the am one, it requires just under 1 million and a lot of to points, but try this; nitrous Hi wild I want to ask how to defeat career aston martin one 77 in 1 mile.

I have novotic russo max upgrade aston martin one 77 max upgrade and pagandi zonda lv 7. Hi Shane, Try going to our Facebook page and then picking up one of the tunes from there to learn about how to tune your car. You may want to look into that first. Please search for our Drag Racing Upgrade Tips to learn more about this. What race are you going for? But if you follow the tuning tips in this post you should be able to get pretty close to a race level tune. You should be able to use them as starting points for making your ultimate tune. No, my work here is from my research.

Hope it helps though! These will have you covered for beating the computer career AIs, and also allow you to compete in the online Pro League. Hi Jordan, Check out our Facebook Page which has the tunes on it. Otherwise the tune is somewhere in the comments… its just really hard to find now because there have been so many comments! Please help on how to defeat the level 4 career boss? What car to use and what upgrades and tuning to do? Hi swenexXx, Why not look at our Facebook page to get some tunes to pick up and use.

Hi Clay, Use the Aston Martin to defeat that boss. Try using our Aston Martin tune on our Facebook page as a starting point and lower the 4th, 5th and 6th gears so that you get a lower 6th gear ratio which will then give you a higher top speed. How do I tune an Aston Martin to beat the level 7 one mile race. The car is fully upgraded and is able to tune. Hi Gator18, we have some career specific tunes for the aston Martin for 1 mile on our Facebook page.

Scroll to the bottom of our Facebook tunes info page to see them. Have you had a look yet? Hi Bob, I was about to say have a look at our Facebook page but I just realised you asked for the challenger, not the charger. But your boss is a 1 mile ssc. Unfortunately the Fxx acceleration profile is unable to beat the scc and reach a high speed. You can definitely get a close time. But beating the scc with the Fxx will be tough. Hi Mike, There are tunes on our Facebook page, have you looked there yet? Thanks for the help in advance.

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Maybe someone else does. I am looking for a way to accelerate to 60 in under 2. Im consistently at 2. Any suggestions? Have you tried varying the rpm at which you do your launch and varying the rpm which you change gear at? How does your tune compare to the one we have on our Facebook page? I have tried varying rpm at launch, and shifting. Still cant seem to get a faster launch. Do I need to try a different car? If so, which would you suggest for the quickest launch?

Do you have enough to use the Bugatti Veyron instead? Check out our Facebook Page to see consolidated information. You need an increasing amount of respect points as you go up the levels. Por favor tenho q fazer Hi Wendell, You wanna check out our Facebook page which has tunes? Just reduce the gear ratios for the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears. No tune Novitec full upgrades No gas shift when race starts 3. Which level is this at? Hi Peter, Yup you need to tune the car. There are instructions on this post guiding you how to tune and they take you through the launch and how to improve the car for an optimum race.

Being about 0. So tap the 3rd gear ratio down once, 4th down twice, 5th down twice and 6th down twice too. Then try racing again and repeat the process as necessary. By reducing the 6th gear ratio you allow the car to achieve a higher top speed. The reduction of the interim gears is so that the car progression is spread over those gears. Hopefully you can learn something from it though!

Hope you have luck tuning using the info in the post though! Hi Great48, Check out our Facebook Page which has upgrade settings to go with the tune.

Creative Mobile Drag Racing, guide, tips and tunes - Android Apps & Games | Android Forums

Hope this helps! Please and thank you. It has cars, upgrade settings and associated tunes. Hi bonerwizard, What are you trying to achieve? There are cars, upgrades and associated tunes there. Hi acl. Upgrades and tuning? Thanks in advance, Ryan. Hi Ryan, Have you had a look at our Facebook page? Why not check out our Facebook page? Which has all the tunes and upgrades summarised Cheers.

I need the tunings for 9ff ft. I am currently doing a Need to clock Lower than I have got Honda S and level and level 3. I m best record on half mile: All tunes and upgrades are there. Please tell me Honda S tuning. We do try and suggest the best cars with associated upgrades and tunes — so it does make life easier: All info is summarised on our Facebook Page.

Wanna ask you something. I tuned my Lamborghini Gallardo, but then I found your tunes and hints. I beat all other cars but Lamborghinis are blowing me. Advice please. That should let you compete pretty well. First press the accelerator and then slide your thumb down to the gear up paddle. Then your car should have a very controlled launch. He got in front for a bit, but managed to squeeze by him. Hi Vampyratexd, Thanks for the info. Do you mind if we post this on our Facebook page? Hi everyone I just turned my Austin martins lv 7 and I could beat the gaged mode boss easily this is the tune I use.

Nitro — 2. Hi Sunny, Thanks for that info. Do you mind if we put this on our Facebook page? Need a gear set up for my fully upgraded astion martin am one in the a one mile career race need help someone. Hi Ricky, We have two solutions to this on our Facebook page. If you go there you can see the tunes that are necessary. But we do have tunes for other cars on our Facebook page. I need to know the best car to race with at each level, with its Close-to-Best tune.. Hi Dubster, Please check out our Facebook Page. On there is the information for the best cars with upgrades and tunes.

Koenigsegg agera level 7 how do i tune it to beat level 7 mile rac e vs. Austin martin please email me brettstapel3 gmail. Start with RPMs maxed.

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Shift into 2nd as soon as the race starts. Shift into 4th gear at RPMs. I generally go between The key to getting a high ranking in pro league is consistency. Level 8: It may not be within 0. This tune will get you between 8. This will win in Pro League almost every time. Here is how to race with this tune; start maxed out at RPMs.

Shift into 2nd gear as soon as the race starts. Do the same for 5th gear as you did for 4th. Here is how to race with this tune; turn staging lights on you will need them. Max the RPMs out and keep them there until the last yellow light is fading. Afterward, hit nitrous as you shift into 2nd gear, then get perfect shifts for 3rd through 6th gears. If you do this perfectly your time will be between 8.

If you make any mistakes, especially on the launch or first shift, your time will be around 8. Level Start with RPMs maxed out. Shift into 2nd at the start. Shift into 3rd at mph or at about kph these are exactly the same, but I suggest using whichever one you can get the timing right with. I would love to compete with talented racers like you all! Thank you for sharing your tunes! I hope that you will get many people joining your clan! Do you mind if I add these tunes to our Facebook page? Hi sergio, You can use an Aston Martin or a Lambo upgraded to level 5 and then you need to adjust the tune.

All upgrades and tunes are on our Facebook Page. I am 8 Barny and have a tune for your car may not be the best, but i am beating some people, maybe you could work on it. I also am a fan of this game, so here is what i have in regards to the toyota supra:. Hi 8 Barny, Thanks for helping out and sharing your tune. Do you mind if we put this tune on our Facebook page?

But now, the racers of this level zoom past my car as easily as possible. I would like to seek your advice on which kits to downgrade, so that it becomes a good racing car for level 2. I searched for the recommended tuning stats for this car on your site and facebook app, but could not find them anywhere. Why are you so interested in the Dodge SRT-4 anyway? Is that the best car of that level? I ended up selling it. Which one would be the best option for races beyond level 8? Hi Arindam, Apologies for the very late reply. However, through discussions with people on this page I believe the Ultimate Aero is a good mid ground.

It does need you to be good at tuning, but if you can tune a car then you can use it to get through most of the career game. Check out our Facebook page. Hey Willy do you have a complete setup for lvl 3 pro races? However, I happen to have a level 3 tune which is good for the car. Perhaps you could use those ratios as a starting point to tune your car to beat the boss? Check out our Facebook Page for the level 3 Camaro tune. Check out our Facebook Page.

Hi Marcon, If this is level 4, then try out the tune on our Facebook page. Hey Willy, Do you know what car to use for the level 7 AM 1, 1 Mile race and the tuning set up and the upgrade set up. Hi Preston, You can use the Aston Martin and beat the computer at his own game. Check out our Facebook page which has a specific tune for beating the 1 mile boss. Hi H, There are specific upgrades and tunes on our Facebook page for beating that boss with an Aston Martin. Where is this facebook page you keep talkin about wildwilly. Instead use a desktop browser to goto Facebook.

Hi DaPunisher, Please goto our Facebook page using a webbrowser. Hi Max, Try this tune. Does anyone have a tune for the Novitec rosso GTB or the right upgrades i should use? Ive won a bunch of races the other car i cant seem to beat is the Aston martin one itys getting annyoinng please help. Hi Landon, Please check out our Facebook page where there are upgrades and tunes. Hi balaxubas, Please check out our Facebook page where there are upgrades and tunes.

Why would you question whether people are honest??? Dude you have some serious issues…. By the way, I was really put off replying to anyone because of such a ridiculous message. The first gear launch tune should let you win most of your races. What more do you want?? Check that out first. Then you can adjust that tune so that you can beat the boss. Hi Richard, o. Hi Yugas, New players are all welcome. Try these settings for your Clio: Get full upgrades and tune like this: Nos 4. I have a great aston martin lvl 5. I want a good tune and upgradeset for my Novitec?

Though you may do well at level 6. Hi keesie33, If you have an Aston Martin then you could upgrade it to level 6. Alternatively, you could see if the level 7 ratios are usable… but you will need to adjust them proportionally for a level 6 car. Hi adibaby, hahah! The first gear level 6 tune should work well.

You can still keep adjusting it to improve it. But you could try using the level 9 tune and adjusting it down proportionally for level 8 usage. To be honest… maybe its easier for farm money and cash and then just use the tunes given on our Facebook page. However, once you do get to around level 6 alot of cash and respect points is necessary.

I seem to remember that level is the tipping point and every level afterwards will be harder to get the necessary RP rather than the cash. My advice is get that level 5 car and keep using it to farm loads of money and Respect points. Hi krn, Sorry for the really late reply. It is definitely a good car though, so still it out and play around with the settings! Hi Arman, Hopefully someone can help you. Hi krn, np, check out our Facebook page. Hi krn, No problem, check out our Facebook page which has a tune there. It should help you for something. Hi, i was reading through all the comments and i have to say you have most of the tuning down for drag racing.

I was just wondering how far you have come in figuring out the tuning on drag racing bike edition. Hi Colton, To be honest, the tuning for drag racing is nowhere near as fun. For this reason I just stopped because it was basically kinda dull. But the game has been upgraded now so the tunes may well be obselete. Do you enjoy the Bike version? It happens sometimes when we get busy…. Hi Moxot, I suggest you try comparing your current upgrades with my suggested upgrades first.

Then compare the tunes. Save down both the tunes and try racing them. You should feel the gearing difference. Is it possible to reset the game to level 1 without deleting and reinstalling? Does deleting and reinstalling reset it to level 1? Why would you want to do that though?? Do remember that you will lose all cash, respect points and cars. Then reduce the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gear ratios slowly. The key is to reduce that 6th gear ratio so you get a higher top speed. Hi Babe, Check out our Facebook Page for the best cars at all levels.

Looking for a tune for the fxx ferrari to beat the boss in lvl 9 1 mile race please. I cant go on facebook so can u please post it here if u can help pls. Hi ladynightgear13, Some of our tunes are just starter tunes. But if you dig around on our posts you might find some info in the comments. Good luck! Hey i have a koenigsegg agera r. Its not fully upgraded but i cant find the right way to tune it to beat level six.

Any help. Good luck. Mr Wildwilly how are you my friend? I wanna ask about Maserati MC12 do you know the exactly tuning set up for this car? Because i want to purchase this car for level Can you help me pls…. Hello guys i need help about the upgrade set up level 9 and tune set up for ferrari. FXX Thanks for your help. With that as a base you should be able to adjust the tune to beat the boss. In order to smoothly transition to the lower gear ratio numbers then the interim gear ratios will also need to decrease progressively.

Final Drive: Hi Capt. Ben, Thanks for the comment. Its great that you managed to improve the time with a single change. But you might be able to get even more optimisation through tweaking your launch. Cheers PS Apologies for the tardy reply. Hi George, Check out our Facebook page. How can I beat lvl 7 aston marin 1 mile in career with rosso fully upgraded pls writr in commen the tune pack.

Hi dee jay, Get a Novitec Rosso and use the tune on our Facebook page as a base. Then adjust the tune to increase the overall top speed. Otherwise search through the comments in our Tuning OR Upgrades page. Please help!!!! For the amount of time you might spend tweaking a tune to beat the Aston Martin, you may as well farm the pro leagues for money and respect points. I have a Ultimate Aero that runs a 8. I have the best tires I can get. I had one beat me goin 7. Hi YoDog, It seems like you should check out our Upgrades page.

Getting the right upgrades is a bit of a skill. Hi Radu, Check out our Facebook page. Cant access facebook. IF someone could pls help me with a starting tuning i would be most appreciative. Just race for fun, not lookn for records or anything. Ive got this far on my own but really would appreciate some advice. Again, I cant access facebook. Thanks for any help. Peace John. You can navigate between the Upgrades and Tunes page at the top or bottom of the posts. My best time is around 8. Again, I recommend you try and get to our facebook page where you can see everything rather than just a small bit of info.

Otherwise if you goto our Facebook page you can get an Aston MArtin tune to beat the computer. Any suggestions on how to tune my car to get those results? Hi Ross, Have you tried out the upgrades and tunes for the Gallardo on our Facebook page? Try checking out the tunes we have on our Facebook Page.

Some tips in Drag Racing:Streets

I cannot get the tuning for novitec rosso to work. Nitrous Distribution- 2. Hi Collin, Do you want to try comparing your settings to the upgrade and tune settings on our Facebook page? I would say you should try being heavy handed with the tuning in order to feel out the effects on the car more. Pls tell me how you guys are able to upgrade the rx8 with , because when I do that it upgrades to a level one car. Hi Bhavik, It sounds like the game has been updated. So I was browsing through the record times and some guy got Anybody have any tips as to how he might have done this?

The steps you need to go through are first: Dedication and persistence is the key to get a world record time. Hi willy. I deleted this game early this year like in feb. I have even tried multiple tunes for the Veyron ss but can only get 7. Hi Thomas, I hear from other comments that the game has been updated. So your tunes are applied to a different game version and thus your cars are running slower. If you want your old settings to output the same times then you should download an older version of the game and run that. That suggests details are backed up on their servers… interesting…. Hi Wasim, Check out the tunes on our Facebook page.

Hi wasim, Have you checked out our Facebook page? Hey wildwilly, what is he the tune for bugatti veryon Hi Nepu77, Have a did around on our comments either here or our Upgrades post. Otherwise, just try and find someone who has access to Facebook? Hi Dessi, Finally!!!! Ok… so first: Then do a second gear launch and remember where the red needle the moving rpm indicator goes to. You want the red needle to fall in the red engine overheat zone. So now the aim now is to start changing the second gear ratio so that the red needle will be in the correct place.

I tried to explain how to adjust it exactly… but for you… stop thinking… just shave in numbers and try. Try putting in large numbers, and low numbers — see which way the needle moves. Remember that you want the needle to jump straight to the red zone. After this you can continue with the other tips i. I also need the car for my tune supra mk4 tt for fourth lvl 6 I have it tuned full information need to improve my time quarter-mile in the shortest time possible please help me. Hi kevin, Interesting. Check out our Facebook page for the tunes of the best cars. Can you tell me, where can i buy that aston martin you keep talking about.

I downloaded the game 2 days ago and there is no aston martin, no audi R8 in the shop. Maybe you should consider an update of your page. Our post is indeed out of date — because its almost a year old! Oh… and the tuning tips will still work. But I bet most people are too lazy to read or think. Get smoke with another cars.

Need a best gear ratio. Hi Max, Check out our Facebook Page. Hi Max, Please check out our Facebook Page for the tunes of the best cars. Therefore you will automatically be beaten. Try the tune on our Facebook page? Otherwise, use our tuning tips. Can you help me out? Try following the tuning tips. The link to our Facebook page is a redirect. Alternatively try clicking on the Facebook link at the top of the page. Use a desktop browser. If u got same car in same lvl which faster than me, pls welcome share with me. Thanks for the times, but are you going to share any tunes to kick start things?

This give me a time of This might nt seem like much to you but to me it was great since it was my first attempt at the game and have great success with it…It brings me lots of cash and RP. I have a Porsche GT9-R I bought and am playing around with and decided to go with a lower level car and build up to that since the upgrades are rather costly.

I am working with the Shelby GT It has the following upgrades. Now no matter what I do I cannot seems to get anything going with the gearing no matter what I do. I have sat with your page open and tried every combination of gearing and am about to drop kick my computer.. I will be purchasing other vehicles as my Level 3 ZL1 allows me the luxury to purchase and upgrade at a fairly decent rate…lol. Your email address will not be published. If you ever get stuck with a game, then feel free to leave us a message or check out our game hints and tips.

You can install apps from Google Play by scanning the QR code or clicking on the image link in the review page. Second Gear Launch Start You can do this by pressing on the accelerator and sliding down to the gear tab. At the same time, Torque is related to acceleration… if you have greater Force, then the car will accelerate faster.

This is where you start seeing some relationships form. You initially want to start the car with more force to accelerate hard, and eventually you want to overdrive to reach your top speed. If you increase the difference between the numbers, then when you gear up, the resulting rpm would be lower and your next gear change will be later.

The final drive is also a ratio but has a multiplier effect on the engine spins. This is the hardest to understand and the numbers here are the other way round. Overview The rough flow you should follow is: Take note of the rpm and the amount of wheelspin. The longer your race, the more important your top speed is, and therefore your highest gear ratio needs to be as low as possible. In otherwords there may be very little time between the gear changes. If in doubt, then just aim to tune so that the rpm is quite high between each gear change. Finish adjusting the remaining gears 4 — 6 or 7.

If you were aiming to get a really fast time, then tweak your final drive first… i. Then adjust your gears if you feel you can squeeze an inkling more ability out of them. Tuning method for a second gear launch Load up the car stock settings and set the Final Drive to 1. Take note of where the red needle is on the rpm counter. Engine details above help explain this… if the rpm is too low, then bring the numbers closer together. If the rpm is too high, then increase the difference between the two. Now begin raising the final drive until you start getting some wheel spin.

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You can see the wheel spin from the lit up icon on your dashboard when you drive. Now continue to raise the final drive, but keep an eye on the speedometer needle. Your aim is to get as high a FD as possible, without the red needle falling. So the FD is not too low so that it wastes time when you start, and not too high to cause you to lose traction with wheel spins. But your FD has an amplifying effect on all your gears… so herein lies the problem — what FD is perfect for your car overall?

If in any doubt here, then just start with the stock gear 1 setting, and tune from there. This third gear and Nitrous act as a pair. Increasing the duration time is the same as reducing the third gear ratio because both reduce the force applied. Set the NOS to around about 2. Increase your 3 rd gear ratio until you see the wheel spinning happening when you gear to 3 rd and activate the NOS.

Take note of what rpm is seen when you change to third. The reason for not letting the rpm fall too low is because you want the engine to be in its active rpm region as explained earlier. Getting this right takes practise and guess work, but its similar to how you adjusted the [FD, 1 st and 2 nd gear] set. The next thing to do is alter the remaining gear ratios. They should be handled in a group where the higher gears are affected by the lower ones: If this is your initial tune, then do a few trial runs and look at where the rpm needle falls for each gear change. Alter each of the ratios such that the rpm needle is pretty high… almost at the red section.

This is no good for us as it wastes valuable race power and speed. So start reducing your 4 th , 5 th and 6 th gears together in small increments such that you reach the max rpm just before the finish of the race. Drag Racing QR Code Click on the image or scan the barcode with your Android phone to goto the Android Market [If you're keen to have an edge against your friends with a decent tuned car, then 'like' us on Facebook where you'll be able to see all the upgrade settings and car tunes which we've shared in our comments so far.

Posted February 8, at Posted February 13, at Posted June 15, at 6: Posted June 19, at 3: Posted August 14, at Posted August 22, at 2: Posted August 21, at 6: Posted August 22, at 3: Posted June 21, at 3: Posted June 26, at Posted January 30, at 3: Posted February 5, at Posted September 6, at Posted September 18, at 9: Posted September 21, at 6: Posted October 12, at 6: Posted October 4, at 3: Posted October 18, at Posted November 1, at 5: Posted November 1, at 8: Posted December 16, at 8: Posted March 11, at Posted March 13, at 1: Posted July 15, at 4: Posted July 24, at 1: Posted August 2, at 3: Posted August 7, at Posted August 3, at 3: The fastest i got is around 8.

Posted June 5, at Posted June 6, at 1: Posted August 5, at Hey wild willy, Im looking for tuning for the mazda level 1 yeah thanks. Posted August 7, at 1: Posted August 30, at 3: Posted September 3, at 5: Posted September 2, at 1: Posted September 3, at 6: Posted August 7, at 5: Posted August 22, at Posted August 10, at Posted August 22, at 1: Posted September 2, at 2: Posted February 11, at 1: Posted February 14, at 2: Posted February 15, at Posted February 18, at 5: Posted February 16, at 6: Posted February 17, at 2: Read more.

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