Can you get iphone 4 screen fixed

I worked in my bathroom because it is the place in my house with the least dust. Not the best option: Philips head size 00 screw driver try to use a magnetized one 2. Larger flat head screw driver 3. X-Acto 4. Pens 7. Note Book 8. Important Notice: This step is an important notice which I am not responsible for any damage done to your device or any mishaps that may happen along the way.


You are preforming this procedure at your own risk. However, if you do happen to mess up then you can contact me with any questions.

If you are going to proceed beyond this step, plan that you will have hours of free time ahead of you and a full stomach. It took me 7 and a half hours to complete mine but that was after looking for plenty of screws on the ground. This operation is not for the fain of heart, steady fingers are necessary!

Remember apple made this as difficult as possible to prevent people doing this, to proceed you have to take out almost every single component in the phone.

Is that all the warning I need to include? Hold the top button on your phone for about 5 seconds, then slide to turn off. If the damage is too extensive and your touch screen does not work simply hold the top and home buttons together for about 10 seconds. Find iPhone parts here: Simply trace around the phone on a piece of paper for a schematic on the screws later. This is the primary way I organized everything. I used two ways of holding the screws. Cut a slit in the paper with an X-Acto and slipping in the screw exactly where the screw would be on the real phone.

Tap small pieces of tape to the location it would be on the phone 3. Llastly, put the screws on the frame where all of them will be easily differentiable so I just put them on a piece of duct tape for easy storage. With a simple paper clip, push in on the Sim Card slot hole and the holder should pop up.

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A bit of pressure is needed. Easy as pie! Lay your phone with its back facing you. Simply unscrew the small screws at the bottom of the phone with your Philips head screw driver. Push the front cover upward, it should come loose. Place the screws in an organized place such as the photo shown below. Remove a screw on the iPhone, look at photo for reference. Gently pry this up from the side opposite to the battery and make sure to keep the small black piece that comes out with it, organize these in your notebook below.

The battery takes a lot of force! This should help you out but it still takes a bit of time to loosen it from its adhesive. Do not use a screw driver to take this out, it may short the battery, a simple guitar pick will do the trick.

Guide to IPhone 4 Screen Replacement

For this process you will need to base your actions on the images below. Make sure to organize the screws and make small sketches of reference points, mine was the camera. Remember that when taking out the plate after all of the screws are removed there are two hooks that you need to take into count when your are wiggling it out. For this step you will be in close contact with the mother board so be extremely careful: Simply remove two screws which are indicated below and the plate should come off, no hooks. Remember set these aside and draw where they were. Here is the difficult part, under the shield there is a connector, simply pry it up from the top side of your phone.

These steps are as usual and easy ones: Simply unscrew the screws below and set aside the entire motor. Remember sketch this out and organize! These steps are possibly the more delicate moves: Remove the camera after this step no hooks or screws. For this step you will have to go back to the small connector under the shield on step two.

Gently peel away the long ribbon cable.

How To: Replace iPhone 4S Screen -

It is vital that you do this carefully because this can easily rip. After it is peeled away and laying gingerly at its side remove the two screws indicated below. Then after removing each screw use a flat head screw driver or a safety pry tool to disconnect the speaker connector, this is shown on the 6th picture. Organize each part as you have been doing. This step is directly handling the mother board of the iPhone so i can not stress this enough, be careful.

The photos below will show you the difference. This is probably the most time consuming step in the entire process for this you will need to remove 10 screws, 6 larger ones with washers on the sides classified as A screws, and 4 smaller ones in the corners classified as B screws. Follow the photo below for thier exact positions. Organize as shown below on a piece of tape. Take some time to slowly guide a guitar pick around the edges of the metal frame and the plastic boarder, it really does not matter if you put some force, even if your not getting any where with a pick use a small knife and make a small entry for your pick and glide it around a few times to take off the adhesive.

Then here is your moment of glory! Before you install your screen. Make sure you have taken off the clear adhesive on both ends of the phone. Make sure that clear camera adjustment is still on phone.

How to Replace iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Screen:

Make sure the speaker grill is set on your new display!. Make sure both ribbon cables are standing upright and are parallel to each other. Installing screen, i could not take a photo of this because i was putting it together two handed. Simply guide the new ribbon cables through the hole that you took the old display out of, you sort of have to play around till the cable and a small metal box fit snugly inside the enclosure.

Im not going to go into detail but just follow each step backwards. Enjoy your amazing scratch free crack less retina display phone: The mother board goes on top of the screw socket for the speaker. When you finish make sure every thing works go through a check list.

Digitizer, pull your finger along each level of apps to see if it works, Speakers, crank up the tunes, Camera, take a few photos. Worked perfect thanks to your instructions! Any ideas? Reply 3 years ago. I recently dropped my ipod touch 4th gen and the ipod got a crack on the front panel.

My ipod is working fine. There is screen response even in the cracked areas.

What to do with a broken iPhone screen

Consequently, professional installation is strongly recommended. If you are not certain whether or not you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S or another iPhone , these models can be externally identified by a unique Model Number listed on the back of the phone toward the bottom. The serial number is not externally listed, but it is available when plugged into a computer on the "Summary" tab in iTunes and in the Micro SIM card tray. In addition to its serial number, EveryiPhone.

Although the procedure to replace the display assembly in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is quite similar, the parts are different. Consequently, should you decide to replace the display assembly yourself, be sure to purchase the precise part for your exact iPhone. In addition, be sure to purchase the display assembly from a company known for quality. There are aftermarket displays that are not as high-quality as the original one and these lower quality parts may not only perform poorly but also may break more easily. Display Replacement Video Instructions.

For technically skilled individuals, these two videos demonstrate the procedure to replace the display in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, respectively. This video, from LE55ONS , diligently covers the entire iPhone 4 disassembly, display replacement and reassembly process:. If you find the video helpful, please make a generous donation to show your appreciation. The procedure is similar to the iPhone 4, but it is not identical:. From watching the videos, you should be able to determine whether or not you feel comfortable to replace the display assembly in the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S yourself, or if you would instead prefer to hire a professional.

Hiring a professional not only prevents potential problems, but it saves time, as well. Be sure to purchase your repair service or parts from a trusted company with extensive experience repairing iPhone devices. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using either website.

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