New star soccer ios monkey error

Was fine when I had had 3G connection again. Is this because of the new IAP in the boot screw now? Nah I've had that happen a few times too. I'm on android, we've had this new content for AGES though it hasn't happened since I've started a new game. Weightgain, you continuing an old game?

Is there any way that on the Android version, we could have the notification tray visible as we play? Given that there's black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen, I imagine there's space. Would be nice to be able to change brightness, dismiss notifications etc without having to quit. Weightgain, I've had some clearances by the opposition that looked like they went through the net, but just counted as a clearance. Maybe your player was quite close to a defender, and it just looked like a shot but was actually a clearance?

Nah - was playing Wolves away. Kits totally different. Ill put it down to Dzeko having 'one of those days' I really like the update, it's made me pretty rubbish again as I get used to the new mechanics but that's no bad thing! Not sure what's going on with that bug yet. Apparently if the boot shop crashes you can go via the NRG shop, but I haven't managed to recreate the problem yet. Might be a network thing I guess. I've been getting this too. I kind of cheated by re-purchasing the NSS Carnivore boots when they vanished and were replaced by in app purchase kicks - would that have anything to do with it?

Keys and Gray you know, Sky, TalkSport, misogyny, smashing it are obviously being paid handsomely to pimp the hell out of a new game called Fluid Football.

New star soccer Glitch WORKING !!!

Nah, it's not a rip-off and I don't really see it as a rival. It's a great game and I love drawing player runs but it could do with some tweaks to make it nicer to play. If someone enjoys games like Flick Kick, Score! Yeah, just re-read my post and it makes no sense whatsoever! In the update I thought my trusty Carnivore v2s had been replaced with the in-app purchase boots, but they're actually still there.

Don't drink and post, kids. I've had a couple of goals not detected but other than that the updated version is a cracker. Great work Si, I was playing so much that the wife thinks I'm up to no good when I vanish to the bog with my phone for half an hour at a time to play NSS. Yep, it's totally different to NSS. It would be crazy for any new football game to try and compete directly with NSS or Score. I'd be interested to know how the abilities of teams are worked out in this, it's just that the teams seem to be weighted to perform about as you'd expect them to.

Except, last season Man U were flirting with relegation only to pull themselves out of it with an unlikely run of wins against top teams near the season end.

Then this season year 6 they were down there again and almost did the same but just weren't good enough and got relegated. Glad it happened to be honest, it was pretty tense stuff just following their results after my own game each week, and wondering whether to try go easy on the teams I was playing around them.

It's just about perfect balance wise now, not scoring nearly as much as I used to and not from lack of chances haven't quite managed a 2: I might as well uninstall everything else for the use it gets, glad it doesn't keep a play time record or it'd just be embarrassing! Couple of things - defo goals are not being detected, Old Trafford ref or not. Kind of adds a bit of excitement to the game so I'm not bothered that much, but The following season I was placed only in the Europa League I thought the Champions Leagues winners qualified automatically?

Quick google says yes. Really small point but it was hard to pick my star attacking midfielder up for the early evening Europa ties After last season I disagree with that rule, so it can bugger off.

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Fair do's fella - Starting a new career today so Champs League will be off the radar for a few good seasons to come Not sure if this is a common, or known, bug but on my Nexus 7 runninng Android Jellybean the GUI graphics get a bit messed up after a while of playing. S4 - Don sold me to Napoli, but mid season bought by Inter 6th Serie A, missed the final penalty in the Champions league final. Won Serie A by 2 points from AC.

Tiny Thor (made with Monkey X)

It's sort of like a football player RPG rather than a football game. It's very unique. Here's my views to save me typing them out again: D It's up there with kairosoft games for the time I spend on it. And I expect it will surpass them because the game is much longer. I was going to make a Kairosoft comparison myself actually. It really gets it's hooks into you. Let us know what you think. Also, prepare to kiss your life goodbye! Never heard of it until this thread appeared It was really hard to get anywhere when it first came out. Everything used more energy and energy drinks cost more. The balance seems pretty good now though.

Seeing as I've decided to stay and help Aldershot's current promotion push rather than accepting the higher paid offers from several other clubs, it would have been nice to have a boost to my Fans statistic. The Gaming The Digital Fix team are addicted to this. Gets a rave review here: Just scored my first hat trick including a 40 yard screamer. A bit like eidur gudjohnson I then blew my win bonus in the casino: Just got it and playing for Dover. Shame I chose the first name "Ben"! Enjoying it. Reminds me of that old C64 game Footballer of the Year This made me buy it, lost an hour at work this morning.

Love it.

New Star Soccer - Probably the most addictive online/iOS/Android footy game ever

Thought I'd play this a bit before bed last night. Started at 11pm and stopped at Finished a whole season now though. Just finished first season in 2nd place. Promotion has made it much tougher to win: New second season, new contract, 8 per game, 3 for a goal and 3 per match in sponsorship.. Moneys rolling in! I'm on my third season and earning less than that lol. But I got nowhere on season 1 - the game was really hard back when I was in season 1.

I should maybe start again lol. I managed to get a transfer halfway through the 1st season to the Conference National but just missed out on the playoffs. But then I blagged a move to League 2 over the summer and have 9 per game 3 per goal, and 4 in sponserships at the start of the 2nd season. Just got a girlfriend to bring back to my apartment: I was loving this until the game starting crashing at the end of the second season and now i can't progress!!: I'm hitting the same bug as this: My girlfriend was just an attention-whore bitch queen.

First she went to the press and destroyed my relationship with the team, and then she did the same with my manager and I didn't even make the subs bench for the last half a dozen games of last season because of it. Needless to say she was promptly dumped. I've been in touch with Simon who is behind the game and he said he is working on an update to fix various issues with the latest version that should be live by Friday so hopefully you'll be able to play properly then.

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Great news. First season finished http: I love the way the game makes you sulk. When my team were losing I'd just switch to minimum effort and let the game pass me by Kind of like Berbatov: Transferred out of there now and finally picked up my first sponsor. Had to recharge my phone halfway through today because I've been playing it so much: Season 3 and everyone in the prem wanted me: Went with Man U but buggered up the contract and actually earn the same i did at Oxford Loce this.

I also ended up at ManUre in my third season. Nice brace on my debut too, in the League Cup quarter final against Leeds. I ended S1 in League 2, but transferred to Barnsley in the Championship pre-season. I'll be starting S3 at Barcelona. Went from conference in season 2 to man city, for 1 quid more than I was on at maidenhead. Wanted to join forest but messed up the negotiations. Thanks for the recommendation chaps, absolutely loving this. In my first season playing for Corby and I've been spotted on the town wearing a cheap tracksuit! No money for new duds just yet though.

Scored a 36 yard beauty to make up for it though: My girlfriend never does anything that exciting, just whines I never see her Love the game, an England sub. Just won champions league with man city but finished 7th. Bit upsetting that I'm a superstar but man city wanted me to join Bristol in he transfer window. So joined forest for 20 and 5 goal bonus, hopefully I'll get them out of league one. You managed to get it working on your iPad or using a different iOS device then?

Much better on ipad too. It's easier to get the ball to go where you want it to go. Loving this really. Just scored a Haven't played a game that keeps me in the 'just one more go' camp for a while - absolutely loving this. Moved to Leicester for 22 per game, and 5 per goal, 9 sponser each match Treated myself to my own island to celebrate.. And a private jet to get me there.. I was playing this on Andriod and my brother was playing on his Ipad. On his version he said he could pay 'real' money for Energy Drinks. Strange it's not the same on both platforms.

After a couple of big money moves I was signed by Plymouth in L1 during year 3's winter break. When I signed they were I place above the relegation zone, ended the season 8th and got my first few international call ups too. Just starting Year 4 money wise I could be doing better but hoping to renegotiate soon: It's down to technical reasons.

Simon simply wasn't able to code in IAPs on Android. Droid was fairly late to in app purchases but it supported them long before this game came out. I wonder if that's why the game was made much easier energy wise post release then? Also damn you all for getting me back into this game. Been playing it until 2am the past 2 nights! I was too for ages. The beginning of it is easy and the end is easy because you're fast enough. But there's a middle bit which seems impossible! By the time you've seen where the ball is going - it's too late.

I ended up just running in a randomly chosen direction and hoping for the best. Not meaning to state anything obvious, but you have noticed the little speech bubble from one of the players calling for the ball? I only ask as I didn't spot this for ages and now I have I'm finding interceptions a bit easier. Yeah I've spotted that. I still seemed to suck at it though.

Tom Hoggins talks to Simon Read, the creator of the smartphone football phenomenon

Now I've got quite high pace in a very short amount of time but flipping a coin as said above: D I tend to find myself overshooting the intercept instead lol. I only ask as I didn't spot this for ages and now I have I'm finding inceptions a bit easier. I noticed that, but I didn't do anything about it.

I made up for it though by destroying the mackems in the FA Cup final. We won the title in my first season in the conference and I then signed for Grimsby in L2. Call me Paul Scholes, but I don't spend my money on anything apart from energy drinks and boots: You'll never get a girlfriend! Anyone know how the 'happiness' bar or whatever its called affects your performance? I'm not sure about that.

Only scored 92 goals in the season with two matches to go After those two matches I had scored Didn't want to miss out in my normal goals. Bernard blows goats With courage, nothing is impossible. It's been emotional. The update is out there now. It's made it a bit harder. Quote from: RedRabbit on August 12, , SuperScouse Anny Roader Posts: Update has definitely made things harder.

I'm doing a Rushie at the moment, moved from Liverpool to Juve but gonna move back at the end of the season to get the league and CL that i've just missed out on. My Shooting is shocking. Can't hit a barn Door at the moment. Always go with the pass if someone is nearby. Ive completed the quadruple with the Monkey Hangers, including a battering of Liverpool at Anfield. Felt bad about that I've taken this opportunity to start again! The crosing thing seems a bit tricky to get the hang of and I can't seem to mute the game - not ideal for on a train! BRdispatch05 Avian maculation. Aural Tetanus Fetishist.

These new boots I spent notes on new boots I have no idea how they are any different to the old boots for notes Anyone explain?

New Star Soccer

NatD Takes offence at authors and people who eat in restaurants. Believer Posts: I can't buy new boots as it crashes monkey error..? Has that happened to anyone else? Harbinger4 Main Stander Posts: Tepid water on August 18, , Harbinger4 on August 18, , The updated iOS one is boss with the corners and crosses. The new version's contracts are a lot smaller than that and seemed to be capped once your skill is at