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Very true, people use other apps to video call each other via wifi or 3g. Maybe its not such a surprise after all.. It's an annoyance, especially considering video dall minutes are included in my voice minutes, wheras Skype etc would come out of my Data Allowance.

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Please visit us at htc. Senior Member. Apple's iPhone is the single most popular smartphone model in the world, and sales of the larger Plus model continue to grow. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the iPhone 7 Plus, with its gorgeous 5. The main advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus is its compatibility with FaceTime, which is a video chatting app that is only available for Apple devices.

Not only is it one of the most-used video chatting services, but FaceTime also offers the best picture quality of any mobile video calling app we tested. So if you want the overall best experience with video calling on your next phone, get the iPhone 7 Plus, use FaceTime, and don't look back.

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However, do note that since FaceTime is only available on Apple devices, so you won't be able to use it to video call your friends who use Android phones or Windows computers. For starters, its front-facing camera may not have the highest resolution, nor is it particularly wide-angled, but it produces a sharp, clear image with accurate colors. There's something to be said about Apple's hardware optimization, because real-world camera performance is absolutely top-notch.

Beyond that, the iPhone 7 Plus has the best battery life of any phone in this list, so you won't need to be tethered to a charger in order to make a long video call. Additionally, it's the only device in this list that sports stereo speakers one of which is front-facing for clear sound in video chat , and the speakers themselves are louder than any of its peers The iPhone 7 Plus doesn't always handle the transition between Wi-Fi and mobile data well—with or without Wi-Fi Assist toggled on in the settings—leaving you with a blank screen in apps like Facebook Messenger and Hangouts if you decide to head outside during a video call.

However, in some cases, the transition can be fast enough that it's hardly even noticeable, so it's not always a factor. Aside from that, button placement isn't the greatest. While the volume rocker is on the same side as the selfie camera, the power button is directly opposite, so you might have to worry about the occasional accidental button press while video chatting in landscape mode.

However, the power button is pretty sturdy, so accidental button presses should be few and far between. You might also run into trouble with the iPhone 7 Plus's headphone situation. Bluetooth is supported, and a pair of Lightning cable EarPods are included with the phone, but it's the only device in this list that does not have a 3.

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  • To be fair, it does come with a Lightning to 3. The only other downside is that the iPhone 7 Plus does not support Google Duo's Knock Knock feature, so when you receive a call from a friend who uses this service, you won't get a sneak peak of their video feed before you answer. As far as Android devices go, the OnePlus 3T was our favorite video chatting phone. OnePlus is a newer smartphone manufacturer that's been making waves in the industry by offering flagship-level performance at midrange prices.

    They're able to accomplish this by only selling their devices online to cut costs on distribution, and by other thrifty tactics such as keeping a lean corporate structure and relying on word of mouth instead of costly advertising campaigns.

    Turn Video Call On / Off - HD Voice - HTC Desire® 626

    The OnePlus 3T's standout feature is its selfie camera—coming in at a whopping 16 megapixels, it sports the highest-resolution front-facing camera of all the phones we tested. And while its wide-angle lens may not be the widest on the market, it still captures more of the scene than the iPhone or Pixel XL. With the exception of Apple's FaceTime, the OnePlus 3T supports all major video calling apps, so selection isn't really a problem.

    When using these apps, you can seamlessly transition between Wi-Fi and mobile data, so video calling while out and about is a fluid experience. The selfie camera, power button, and volume rocker are all on the same side, so it works well when propped up for landscape mode video chats.

    And one major consideration that shouldn't be ignored is the 3T's price: Speaker placement leaves a bit to be desired, though.

    TOP 5 Best HTC Smartphone

    While it's nice and loud , the phone only has a single bottom-firing speaker, which is suboptimal for video chatting. Aside from that, battery life is merely average, so you might have to keep a charger nearby if you plan to do a longer video chat. One final downside here is that the OnePlus 3T does get a little warm when you've been video chatting for more than 30 minutes. Performance holds steady without any noticeable throttling, so this shouldn't have any real impact on your video chatting experience.

    LG's latest flagship, the V20, has sold quite well so far, moving more than , units in its first ten days of availability. This is only the second V series model that LG has released, but it's quickly becoming LG's top flagship device. The V20 has a very capable front-facing camera. It's only 5 megapixels, but LG kept the resolution at this average tier to accommodate larger sub-pixels, so in the end, picture quality is clear and bright. But the best part about the selfie cam is its wide-angle lens , which captures more of your surroundings than any phone in this list aside from the Galaxy S7 Edge.

    Additionally, all video chat apps get the benefit of seamless transitioning between mobile data and Wi-Fi on the V As for button placement, the V20's power toggle won't get in your way because it's actually on the back face of the phone. The volume rocker sits on the same side as the front-facing camera, too, so you won't have to worry about accidental button presses while video chatting in landscape mode. The V20's legendary quad-DAC setup makes sure audio quality is always loud and clear, and its single front-facing speaker has great placement, though it is a bit on the quiet side at only 72 decibels.

    Note that T-Mobile recently issued a firmware update for their variant of the V20, and it seems to have improved speaker loudness and audio quality across the board. We'll update this post when and if the new firmware becomes available for other models. To summarize, the benefits here are the V20's wide-angle selfie camera lens, front-facing speaker, great button placement, seamless Wi-Fi to mobile data handoff, and above average battery life.

    On the other hand, drawbacks to consider include mediocre speaker loudness, average selfie cam resolution, and the lack of FaceTime support. After the dust settled with the Note7 battery fiasco , the best Samsung phone money can buy right now is the Galaxy S7 Edge.