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Not all service plans allow for call forwarding. T-Mobile FlexPay accounts are designed to prevent its customers from incurring any monthly overages, and because forwarding calls to distant or international numbers could rack up services fees, T-Mobile has decided to disable the feature altogether.

If the following three steps don't work for you, try calling your carrier's technology support line to confirm that call forwarding is available and turned on for your account. To access your BlackBerry call forwarding options screen, click the green Send key and then open the menu options by clicking the BlackBerry Menu key.

Blackberry Z10 - Activate Call Forwarding

Scroll down and select Options. Click on this option and wait a few seconds for the call forwarding screen to populate.

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Before you can forward incoming calls via BlackBerry, you first need to enter the number you want calls to be forwarded to. A dialogue box will then appear asking for the number to which your calls will be forwarded. Type in the 10 digits and click the trackball to save the number.

If you mistyped the new call forwarding number and you need to correct it you can click the BlackBerry Menu key on the main call forwarding screen, choose Edit Number, scroll to the number you wish to modify, click the trackball again and choose Edit from the available options. From there, you can make your desired corrections.

To save the changes, simply click the trackball one more time. You'll then be returned to the Edit Forwarding Numbers screen. On the main BlackBerry Call Forwarding screen, you have two options for call forwarding: Below the latter option, you have three more choices: By default, your device is set to Forward Unanswered Calls to your carrier's voice mail box in all instances. Forwarding every call that comes in to your device is simple; you just fill in the circle next to Forward All Calls and then specify the number to which you wish to direct calls from the corresponding drop-down menu.

To save any changes you make, click the BlackBerry Escape key and confirm the changes when prompted.

How to set up call forwarding on my BlackBerry Q10

Forwarding calls in specific situations is a bit different, but it's no more difficult. Page 55 - Phone shortcuts Page 56 - Troubleshooting: Page 87 - Store text messages on your sim card Page 88 - Hide the new or unopened message indicat Messages Page - I am not receiving messages Page Page Page - A skipped content bar appears in a docum Page - Transferring and downloading media files Page - Blackberry desktop software Page - Supported audio and video file formats Page - Troubleshooting: Ringtones, sounds and a Page - Synchronising calendar Page - About backing up and restoring device da Page - Add a message that appears when your dev Page - Themes Page - Troubleshooting: Freeing and conserving storage spa Page - Troubleshooting: Storage and media cards Page - Search Page - Message search criteria Page - Search for text in a message, in a file Page - Key store Page - Change the service that your device uses Page Page - Troubleshooting: Security Page - Service books and diagnostic reports Page - Set a default recipient for diagnostic r Page - Synchronisation Page - Delete email on your device and in your Page - Manage email reconciliation conflicts Page - Empty the deleted items folder on your c Page Page - Accessibility options Page - Audio and phone accessibility options Page - Tty support Page - Typing accessibility options Page - Type text using the predictive input met User Guide.

Not Reachable fields to a call forwarding number. Your call forwarding settings apply to all subsequent incoming calls, until you change your settings again.

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To stop forwarding calls, change the Forward Calls field to Never. From the Home screen, press the Send key.

Block calls

Type a phone number. Press the.

Call forwarding: BlackBerry Q10 | T-Mobile Support

Highlight a phone number. Click a phone number. Click Delete.