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The original retro film camera used by millions of users. Dust and scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, even frame shakes, all can be instantly added with a single tap of the finger.

Super 8: Vintage Film Camera For iPhone!

What you see in the viewfinder is what you get. Free themes: Minimalism, Elegant. In-App Purchase themes: Silent Film, Countdown, Light Leak. When i first downloaded this app i thought its one of those cheesy clickbait apps that just add tons of contrast and fade the blacks in a very unnatural way but it blew me away with its authenticity in both the color and specially the film grain, the quality is so great that im running RED footage through it just to get that grain and colors That being said i have two serious problems with it which i hope to be solved in later updates.

When you import clips in the app there is no way to preview the clip before saving it, i get the whole vintage workflow kind of thing but it would be very nice to be able to actually run through the clip with the added effect before hitting the record button and having to actually rip it at 1x speed for it to be saved.

The second problem - well not really a problem but a recommendation - is not being able to just add film grain.

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The grain patterns are extremely nice and useful and on par with some pretty expensive grain overlays. It would be very nice being able to just add the grain without adding a color effect. I hope this was helpful. I was absolutely blown away by the grading this app is capable of.

All the filters look so nice and somewhat professional.

How to Fake the Super 8 Film Look

The one thing that would make this app perfect is having the option to change the video orientation IN APP. It's pretty annoying that whenever I record a video externally say through Instagram or the actual phone camera app, mostly vertical videos for stories.

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Rarely horizontal I save to my camera roll and whenever I open the video in the 8mm app to add a filter, it flips the orientation to horizontal or vice-versa. The only thing it's not is new: Ah, but Super 8 is free--and it's mighty slick. The entire interfaced is modeled after a Super 8 case, complete with vintage instruction manual, Super 8 "cassettes" i. The camera comes with your choice of seven photorealistic "lenses," including color, sepia, negative, and even infrared.

For any of them you can toggle a scratch-and-dirt overlay and a frame-shake effect; the latter literally makes the frame jump based on movement of the iPhone. This effect is probably incomprehensible to anyone who's never watched old home movies--but it's seriously cool for those of us who have.

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After you've shot some "film," you can organize but not edit your clips, then add titles and credits, insert an authentic-looking Super 8 film leader, and "develop" the movie for viewing with Super 8's "projector. When you're done, you can e-mail your movies to friends or copy them back to your PC via iTunes.

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Alas, there's no way to share via Facebook or YouTube. That's about the only thing wrong with this clever and entertaining app.

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It may lack a few of the features found in its aforementioned predecessors, but it's really a blast to play with--and you can't beat the price. For a limited time, Super 8 is free. New Galaxy S10 phones bring it: First pics of the Galaxy Fold: The foldable future is finally here. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.