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Select a web server and click generate plugin configuration file and then propagate the plugin. This plug-in needs to be installed on the web server machine. The following are the features of WebSphere: Web Server and WebSphere application server provide two different functionalities.

WebSphere application server do has an inbuilt web server functionality but it is recommended to use a separate web server for many reasons. WED extends the WebSphere software platform. What Is A Connecting Pool? Connection pools are used to enhance the performance of executing commands on a database. In connection pooling, after a connection is created, it is placed in the pool and it is used over again so that a new connection does not have to be established. If all the connections are being used, a new connection is made and is added to the pool. Connection pooling also cuts down on the amount of time a user must wait to establish a connection to the database.

WebSphere Edge Server allows deploying parts of an application that contains servlets or JSP components to a proxy cache and executes at the cache. The cache, called edge server, in this context works with the original WebSphere Application Server. This feature is called offloading.

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Virtual host is a configuration not a physical one. A configuration that lets a single machine resemble multiple host machines. Each virtual host has a logical name and a list of one or more DNS host aliases by which it is known. To achieve this , you need to create a JDBC provider and datasource. The data source object supplies your application with connections for accessing the database. What Are Deployment Descriptors? What Are They? Deployment descriptor is an XML file that describes how to deploy a module or application by specifying configuration and container options.

For example, an EJB deployment descriptor passes information to an EJB container about how to manage and control an enterprise bean. There are two types of deployment descriptor in websphere: Web application deployment descriptor and portlet deployemnt descriptor Portlets are packaged as WAR files with a web application deployment descriptor web. This defines each portlet as a servlet within the web application, including unique identifiers for each portlet, the portlet class, and initialization parameters.

Even if DMGR is down, rest of the server will contine to run and serve the applications. However, anychanges you make in this situation are not saved to master configuration repository. When you install a new application or update an application, your web server need to be aware of the changes. Which means you need to update the web server plug-in configuration file. So after a successful installation of an application with mapping to web server, you need to regenerate the plug-in configuration file and propagate it to web server.

You can do this from the administration console. So it looks something like this: Selecting application server is part of architectural process when infrastructure is defined.

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It depends on several factors: Directly copy files to deployedapplication folder in websphere- hot deployment. Exposes business logic to client applications through various protocols, possibly including HTTP. Supports deployment of. Websphere tends to focus more on integration, connectivity and web services. Change the WebSphere server's server variables using the Administrative Console or use scripts. How Can They Be Installed? Can be installed using Administration Console or scripts. Apache Sever is a Web server. Webpshere tends to focus more on integration, connectivity and web services.

Ibm Websphere Tutorial. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests. Question 1. What Is Mq Server? What Is Websphere? This plug-in needs to be installed on the web server machine Question WLM supports multiple servers within a single administrative domain.

Some of them are: By seperating web and application server activities, your application serving environment is more secure. Using the webserver you can loadbalance the requests between multiple application servers. External systems your application will be interacting. Type of application you have. Target availability of system.

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Corporate standards Budget. Job Recommendation Latest. Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong. It checks that timestamp of. Tracing is when you go through an entire program and record the value of variables and the output. You trace a program when you want to find out what actually went wrong. SSL are digital signed certificates. Generally encrypt at Sender side and decrypt at receiver side. It is part of ITIL process….. First look at the logs for errors. If you find the error, save the logs and start ur application. Then start trouble shoot. If no error found, run a trace and look for FFDC etc..

No relation. Heap settings should be made depends on application. A file descriptor is a handle created by a process when a file is opened. There is a limit to the amount of file descriptors per process.

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If the file descriptor limit is exceeded for a process, you may see the following errors: To troubleshoot the issue, you decided to take it out of the cluster. How do you do that? Make its runtime weight to 0. In a complex environment, there are 10 machines. The administrator decided to send twice as many request as machineB to machineA. How can he achive it? The lead admin told you to make sure that there should not be any downtime during this recycle. Which option do you use to achieve it?

A large application which has 5web modules has been deployed on to a cluster. After some months, the developer asked you to update on of the 5web modules. How do you do it? While installing WAS, if the installation fails and no logs are found. Which location should you check for the details. While installing using silent installation method, if you do not wish to install sample applications. Which parameter should you change in the response file?

RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Blog at WordPress. Interview — kmkumar Some of the features which are present in web sphere are: The application program can use this logic just as it would call a method on an object 19 What is JDBC?

Apache Sever is a Web server Using the Administration Console: Turn on Administrative security. Federate a local repository and an LDAP repository together. Restart server. Ensure Web application has a web. Install base with Deployment Manager Create profiles for Deployment Manager and each node in the cell using with the Profile Management Tool ensuring the nodes are federated. Jython is the preferred scripting language as JACL is now deprecated. Can be installed using Administration Console or scripts.

Unmount the shared file system such as Network Attached Storage NAS where the transaction log is stored Restart the deployment manager and node agents who manage the transaction log Verify another running cluster member has access to the transaction log Reconnect the database where the transaction log is stored Answer: Reverse proxy and content-based routing Dynamic content caching and integration with servlet caching File serving enabler HTTP compression Integration with Dynacache and third party object caches Answer: Create a design using multiple machines that handles the full production load, enabling the use of Application server clustering to provide failover capabilities Utilize load balancers between the Web servers and the application servers to provide failover support at the application server tier Place the Authentication servers outside of the intrusion firewall with the Web servers, since the Web servers will need to access them Use the largest processor engines and least number of physical machines for the application server tier, to minimize the software licensing costs Answers: Data sources are abstracted from the JDBC drivers to permit database upgrades without impacting the application logic.

The administrator should decrease the connection timeout value. The connection pool is managed by the application server container, so in addition to increasing the connection setting, additional connections allowed must be configured on the database. It is necessary to tune the applications before tuning WebSphere application server.

Connections not returned to the pool are often caused by programs not closing connections properly. Fatal Warning Severe Config Answer: What is the correct Web module Class loader configuration for this application? Load balancing option Retry interval Refresh configuration interval Minimum number of connections Answer: The pools will all show similar numerical values, indicating balanced workload is occurring throughout the application server.

Pools used by the application should be released and rebuilt in conjunction with JVM garbage collection cycles ensuring that no state connections persist.

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The performance Management Interface PMI must be explicitly enabled on the application server to be monitored, since it requires CPU resources on the server being monitored. Pools used by the application should be nearly fully utilized, indicating that resources are being efficiently used. Container-managed authentication alias Component-managed authentication alias Authentication preference Mapping configuration alias Answer: For the storage of topological data in the XML repository For the storage of configuration buildings, such as CORBA and indirect name lookups For binding the server root of the server, such as EJB homes and resource artifacts For reading configuration data from the file system, such as EJB deployment descriptors, and registering the necessary objects Answer: The system Administrator does not want to install the samples that come with the product.

Which option in the response file should the administrator update to NOT include the samples with the Installation? Create a Cell profile using the Profile Management Tool Create a deployment manager profile using the Profile Management Tool Create deployment manager and custom profiles using the manageprofiles command Create deployment manager and custom profiles using the Profile Management Tool Answer: Administrative security must be enabled. There is an option to make a profile the default profile.

Typical profile creation uses default configuration settings. A Web server definition can be created in the profile. The number of historical JVM log files is fixed at 3; this value will reset on each server restart. The JVM logs are self-managing and can roll over based on time or file size.

The JVM logs should be moved from the default location to make them easier to access from the command line. The JVM logs are, by default, kept outside the Application server filesystem directory tree to prevent them from being overwritten when applying fixpacks. Node, which contains all JNDI references used within the cells defined scope Server, which contains the objects that are accessible by remote processes Local, which contains objects that are available by local processes only Java, which contains naming information unique to the specific server application Answer: Look for heap dumps in the servers root profile directory and examine them with a Heap Analyzer tool Start the server using the trace option and examine the startServer.

FFDC logs are mainly intended for application development teams. The application server needs to be restarted after enabling FFDC.

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FFDC information is stored in an optimized relational database. Check the status of the Web server Enable dynamic trace on the server Generate a plug-in configuration file for that Web server and propagate the plug-in configuration file after it is generated Start the server Stop the server Answer: Which mechanism minimizes the need to recreate session data? Memory-to-memory replication in Server mode Memory-to-memory replication in Both client and server mode Session affinity in Web server plug-in Database persistence Answer: To avoid port conflicts with other servers on the same node To ensure that cluster members on different nodes have unique ports To prevent other applications from using these ports To enable encryption over the secure HTTP ports Answer: Defining the security configuration on the Web server.

Regenerating the Web server plug-in file. Operator Administrator Configurator Monitor Answer: Configure the JNDI path to the security database Configure the connection to the existing user registry Retrieve a list of nodes and node agents contained within the cell Generate Web services binding for the existing user registry Answer: The security service runs on the LDAP server and is accessed through the application server node agent The security service runs in the federated nodes of the cell The security service runs on the deployment manager The security service runs locally in each of the WebSphere processes deployment manager, node agent and application server.

Authentication takes place utilizing a user registry, however authorization is done based on properties defined within the. WebSphere security processes run on a centralized security service LDAP database to facilitate single sign on administration of both authentication and authorization credentials.

Administrator Configurator Operator Security Answer: Provide a repository that can span multiple WebSphere cells Provide a repository-independent programming interface Support various pluggable repositories Provide the ability for users to achieve a single view of their own multiple repositories in a federated model Provide a cache or repository information Answer: It has a complete development environment for enterprise applications including EJBs. It has Jython editor and source debugger.

It can run wsadmin scripts inside AST. Configure a leaf binding Create a corbaname binding Use a compound name Create a configured name binding Answer: Authorization is performed using the J2EE security roles. Security roles are applied to the Web and EJB application components. Security roles provide an access control mechanism to manage the applications access to system level resources. Binding of the users and groups to the J2EE security roles is usually done at the application install time.

Authentication is performed using the J2EE security roles. Security roles can be modified dynamically at runtime. Re-create the profile entering different ports Update the portdef. Select the typical installation which does not install the administrative console to the server Select the advanced operation which has an option to install the administrative console to the server After the profile creation, uninstall the administrative console application Delete the application from the installed directory Answer: Restart the installation after an OS restart Restart the installation with the —log parameter Look for the log files in the system temporary area Run the installation verification test IVT Start over by creating a new responsefile.

The activity. Export each and merge them into a single new activity log. When the activity. D QUESTION 79 After hearing from clients that they are having problems logging into an application, an administrator enables tracing on WebSphere security components using the following log trace string: Modify the server. Edit the servers sas. By writing a logRoller script and executing it every three days.

By running a system job that cleans the files as needed By configuring the ExceptionFileMaximumAge property in ffdcRun. Request the PortletServingServlet servlet and then submit the name of the portlet Request the portlets index. The servlet container provides the network services over which requests and responses are received and sent.

The SIP servlet container decides which appliations to invoke and in what order. The container also contains and manages servlets through their life cycle. WebSphere MQ and default messaging are separate and do not share any modules or configuration data WebSphere MQ and default messaging must share the same Cloudscape database.

A node agent and deployment manager must be running before starting a managed server. Starting a managed server is not dependent on the presence of a running deployment manager. The node agent should not be started before any managed servers on that node.

The deployment manager needs to be started before the managed server. Within the. D QUESTION 94 While an administrator is using the Tivoli Performance Viewer to analyze a performance problem with a production application server , the administrator notes that the database connection pools have a much lower percentage of utilization than the other pools. The database server is constrained, causing calls to the database to consume more resources than are available for processing This condition indicates there is a bottleneck in one of the processes upstream in the pipeline of process flows within the application server.

The connection pools have not been defined to account for parallel application server calls to the database, causing this particular server to show low utilization The Tivoli Performance Viewer percentages are only useful for performing performance analysis on a server that is executing in a controlled load test scenario.

Each Web module must have its own unique Class loader. No measurable performance change will result from increasing the heap size A larger heap size will cause the server to take longer to start More objects will be created and the time required to garbage collect will decrease. The time between garbage collections will increase, but the garbage collection will take longer.

The graphics display only if there is sufficient variance in the data being collected. The application server monitored is not under load condition, therefore the default reports are the preferred display mechanism and no action is required. The Performance Monitoring Interface and the Performance Advisor must both be enabled from the Administrative Console accessed through the Deployment Manager in order for the Performance Advisor graphics to display.

The administrator must override the default scale set in the default report since it is set too high to cause the graphics to be generated The Scalable Vector Graphics SVG plug-in for Adobe must be downloaded and installed on the administrators browser since this is required for the graphics display.

websphere application server interview questions and answer

The logs are self-managing and can roll over based on time ro file size, so simply opening the logs with a text editor will ensure that new log files are created. Removing the application server from the network, either administratively or physically, is necessary to stop the JVM processing.

Stopping the JVM process from the command line, removing the application administratively thru the console and restarting the JVM will allow processing to continue on other applications. The administrator should remove the failing application server from user requests, thereby stabilizing the application server so that troubleshooting can begin. Starts the node agent and application server processes Includes applications and buses Starts the deployment manager and the node agent Does NOT include applications and buses Answer: Configure the JDBC provider and data source Select a multi row schema Create session database Configure row size to match session size Create session database tables Answer: Federate nodes and create multiple clusters Load balance multiple HTTP servers using Edge Components Deploy multiple database servers using a high availability software product Federate nodes and create cluster members across multiple machines Answer: Single replica Full group replica Specify number of replicas Entire domain Answer: What about master repository?

Tell me IHS executable files, means bin directory files? Apache, ApacheMonitor, htpasswd, htdigest, htdbm, ldapstash, httpd. Why given the httpd. How to configure remote system httpd. Several types of log files in the appserver? What is the profile? What is the trace? What is heap memory? Objects storage space for objects references created at run time in a jvm is heap memory. Out of memory exception is there, how to handle that exception?

To incrise heap memory size What about IHS? What about plug-in? What is the global security? How to configure the global security? What is SSL? What is PMI? How to configure PMI? What is the UNIX command of all display server processes? What is node?

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How to start the server? How you get nodeagent……what you have to install to get nodeagent? Custom Profile How to add the node? What is the application server? What is the node? How many types of profiles are in nd product? What is the difference between web server and application server? What is jdbc? What is datasource? A data source is associated with a jdbc provider that supplies the specific jdbc driver implementation class In type3 client software which machine you have install?

What is jndi? Why use the boostrap port number? For communicate two servers What are the appserver components? LDAP port number? Packages of websphere? What is webcontainer? How to find out free diskspace from command prompt? Configure the plug-in through admin console is possible or not? Where to set the path? How many types of installations? Application installed but not working.

What are troubleshooting steps? Default admin port? Default bootstrap port? How to hit application without hitting the web server? In how many ways you can perform administration? No of ways of doing deployments? Admin console….. What is CellDiscoveryAddress Ans: Node uses this port to talk to DMGR What is NodeDiscoveryAddress Ans: DMGR uses this port to talk to node How websphere discovers a change in JSP and compiles it?

What is classloader? What is a managed node? Node with NodeAgent What is a managed webserver? No 5 Does enabling admin security enables j2ee security? Adminstrator 8. Yes 1. You trace a program when you want to find out what actually went wrong 2. Generally encrypt at Sender side and decrypt at receiver side 5.

Heap settings should be made depends on application 8. Make its runtime weight to 0 In a complex environment, there are 10 machines. Ripplestart A large application which has 5web modules has been deployed on to a cluster. Rollout what is a backup cluster can you change the cluster name, once it was created No 1. What is a Cell 5. What is NodeAgent 6. What is DMGRs default admin port 7. What are the pre-perquisites for installing WAS 8. Which location should you check for the details 9.